Sunday, 2 February 2014

Perfect Day

One of the things about owning a property abroad is that everyone asks when you're next going to be out there!  It is a totally natural question, but you can't help feeling they're a bit disappointed when you say it won't be for weeks or maybe even - shock horror! - months!  Of course, having spent a year going on and on about the renovation, I understand it might seem strange not to want to be there right now and as much as we can, but the reality is, you can't live full-time in your holiday home!  Even though it might feel like a wonderful escape when you're there (which it is) and a shame to leave it empty when you're not there (which it is), life goes on and we feel we need to be here in UK for now.

On top of that, being the depths of winter, it's actually pretty cold and drizzly in Puglia just now!

Having got to know a small part of Italy, it is wonderful how much more we appreciate what has always been on our doorstep in UK.  Today was a beautiful day so we headed to a local park and I have to say, our little corner of England is so green and charming.  I'm no photographer but here's a little sample of our green and pleasant land today!

It all reminded me of the song Perfect Day by Lou Reed.  You know when a day is just right?  Lucky us!  Wonderful.