Friday, 6 September 2013

50 shades of grey!

We painted our last house light grey and I loved it, but when the sun disappeared and the light turned colder you could be forgiven for thinking there was the slightest hint of mauve!

Why oh why is it so hard to find the perfect grey?!  
Not too dark, not too light, not too khaki, not too pinky!

It's made even harder here in Italy as you don't buy colours off the shelf: all the greys below are a little bit of white and black paint painstakingly mixed by the builder as I watched and deliberated!

Decisions decisions!

After a bit of experimenting, I'm hoping we got it more or less right with our beautiful front door.

In shaded daylight

At night

Strolling past the other night, someone had left a flower - perhaps a fellow grey enthusiast!

Sign of appreciation?!

Meanwhile in UK, my other big project continues to move forward (both it and the Italian one are months past their deadlines!).  I have been much more involved with the design specification of these 6 flats compared to the first 2, working with the same minimal budget but, to my mind, achieving dramatically smarter results, so I'm happy to share some pics with you.  What do you think?

Showerroom - I love these floorboard effect tiles

Kitchen - complete with wood worktops and metro tiling

I'm even using some of my beloved grey here in the brighter apartments, and I'm loving the look.

Pokey room

It looks so dark!  What have I done?!

Ah, much better once all finished - pokey but with personality!

Returning to my beautiful Italian front door, please indulge me another minute while I focus on the stunning stonework surround - centuries-old hand-carved hearts!  Could it be any more romantic?!

Ah the romance!

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