Tuesday, 17 June 2014

When in Rome...

2 weekends ago was nothing but finishing touches ahead of our first guests - tidying away boxes, putting up shelves and mirrors, making beds and so on, so a few days in Rome last week with Mr RR's family ahead of their visit to Puglia was a lovely break.

Seemingly we picked the hottest week of the last 10 years to visit so probably looked a bit more hot and bothered as we walked round the city at a snail's pace than we would have chosen, but still we saw
the Pantheon...

... the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum,

... and even caught the Pope's address at St Peter's, so we're feeling suitably blessed now!

Honestly though, I'm more of a town girl than a city girl, so it was a delight to come back to our own home in little Monopoli and go to sleep to silence as opposed to the never-ending honking horns and sirens of Rome, not to mention the cooling sea breeze.

But there were some sights other than the architecture that warranted a cheeky picture, as you just don't see the like in our little town or perhaps, anywhere else in the world!

Kid size loo in the mother and baby room!
Priest pin up calendar!
Biggest thistles ever!
Rainbow pasta
Words that make this ragazza very happy!
Still counts as 3 of my 5 a day, right?!
Lilac aubergine?
Pink beans?  
Novelty Italy-shaped bottles of limoncello
All the tourist T-Shirts you could wish for!
Stylish shop displays
Stylish shoe displays
BDSM advert: "Recession? Tonight let's stay in..."!
Authentic gladiator smoking a fag!

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