Friday, 22 November 2013

I actually clapped with glee today!

(Yes I am that girly sometimes, even - and when necessary, especially! - with macho builders!) 

Big news: our gas is connected! Here's to the great Italian tradition of a gift between friends (I had to laugh out loud: it's a while since I've seen so much winking!) bypassing weeks of bureaucracy! Now we have hot water and warm radiators it will be a lot easier to start cleaning and make this place homely. 

Also today I've seen the entire place given a top coat of white paint and the kitchen appliances connected, including this beauty that I had to fight so hard for:

You see, my dear water-filtering, ice-making friend not only had to come into the kitchen via the roof terrace but doesn't actually fit down these stairs... I had one of the walls removed and rebuilt!!  Old news now as all the work was done months ago but today she produced her first ice cubes in Italy! Let's hope she doesn't need replacing before they have figured out how to make slimmer models!

Just a few more items on the snagging list and we're there: I am a very happy ragazza today!

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