Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We have doors!

Big doors and little doors! All doors a month late, IRO €1000 (£900) each and without handles but doors all the same!

What about the handles? Well, he told me on Sunday he's getting them by express courier, so they will arrive Tuesday (yesterday) or by Friday next week! Express courier?! Come back Royal Mail all is forgiven!

I keep hearing the same story that the courier services, even big international brands, will take your package for delivery but only actually transport it once they have a full lorry. All this has me wondering whether there couldn't be a business opportunity here for a courier service that actually guarantees a proper fast turnaround?

On a completely unrelated note, the joiner was the third or fourth workman to offer, when I expressed frustration that I still don't have a house to move into, that I stay in his house! No matter how friendly or flirty the builders I've used in uk have been, I've never had that! Sincere kind gesture or super-sleazy line?! Think I'll keep staying in my friends' hotel and hopefully never find out!

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