Monday, 2 December 2013

Guilty secret!

Tonight we spent €24 (£20) on McDonald's!  It's kind of our reward when we do an Ikea trip as it's just next door, and it's only the second visit since we started coming to Italy, but £20?!

I'm now too curious as to how much more expensive that is!  I have checked the UK McDonald's site but they don't have prices.  Can anyone tell me what it would cost in UK for 2 filet-o-fish meals including a chocolate shake and an orange juice plus 20 chicken nuggets (Mr RR gets kinda insistent on buying too much food when he gets really hungry!)?  

And since when have McDonald's been calling their shakes milkshakes?  I'm sure last time I checked they were still thick shakes.  Have they upped the dairy ingredients?!

I'd like to share a story that demonstrates how Italian efficiency can pervade even the most stringent of systems!  We used the drive-thru and by the time we got to the collection point they had just our chicken nuggets ready but all of the next car's order so they asked us to wait in the car park.  It then took them 3 separate trips (in torrential rain) to complete our order correctly!  Luckily I got an itemised scontrino (receipt) when I paid or I might have thought it was my Italian to blame (as if!)!

Can all the McDonald's goodness have gone to my head?!  I see I'm punctuating like there's no tomorrow!  Time to stop typing!

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