Sunday, 11 September 2016

It never rains, but it pours!

If you thought I came across a bit smug in the last post, you will find vengeful amusement in this one!

Cyclone Morgana is in town and in our home!

Dark skies on the horizon!
Yes, we have water coming through the roof!  And not just a bit of a drip either.  We have full scale water ingress - pouring through at least ten spots and trying to collect it all with our beach towels and buckets and little man's paddling pool!

Ugh!  It's just a section, so not as bad as if the whole thing was leaking, but we knew it wasn't right.  It has already been repaired twice in two years and we were making enquiries to have a third tradesman come and have a go at it, possibly even bringing over someone from UK, as we're sick of throwing money at it and then worrying about it all through the winter when we're not here to check on it.

With our kind neighbour's help we've done what we can to stop the worst of it with lots of plastic sheeting, but the water's still coming through.  If there wasn't already, there is certainly a sense of urgency now about getting it sorted before we head back to UK for the winter!  Unfortunately, the way it works is that we need dry weather to make sure this time the job is done properly so we just have to wait out the storms and keep wringing out the towels!  Oh, the joys!

On a more positive note, today I'm meeting some people who messaged me as they are keen to buy Il Palazzotto!  It's not on the market, so I'm not sure how much they think they know about it, but they are friends with someone who lives just round the corner and got my details from her.  We kitted it out to meet our needs (remember the time I took a wall down to fit the American fridge freezer in?!) and are so happy with it, plus little man is part of a gang of 4 boys all around the same age, all living seconds from our front door and already playing together, and to us that's priceless, so I have absolutely no doubt that nothing will come of it (yes, I'm so confident of that fact I'm openly declaring our leaky roof in the same post as the meeting!), but it's flattering all the same and, I admit, my curiosity has been piqued.

After all, what sort of Renovation Ragazza turns down a meeting over coffee with potential buyers?!

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