Sunday, 27 May 2018

Guess who's back?

Hello everybody?  Still there?  It's been a while!  How are you doing today?

Excuse me going AWOL!

What can I say except that the last project (BH) nearly broke me and it's taken me a while to feel like myself again.  What have I learned?  Running a big project alongside being a full time mum to a toddler alongside dealing with some fun medical stuff really is a bit much for me!  But you know what?  I don't want to dwell on it as it's in the past and there's a far more exciting reason for me coming back to document my property life again.

Can you guess?

Probably yes!

Just a few hours ago, we had an offer accepted on a new place in our little town in Puglia!

Whoop whoop whoop!

I say a new place, it's an old apartment that needs restoring, but what a place!  It's so grand!  The communal entrance stairs are all in marble.  The roof terrace has wonderful views of the sea, the port and the cathedral.  The sense of space is just incredible: the first room you walk into is more than 5m x 5m and the ceilings throughout are 5+metres high!

This amazing little man sat through a 2.5 hour meeting in Italian with the agent today!

It was love at first sight and I am so, so excited about the transformation to come. 

And you know, like falling in love, this probably seems a bit fast and kind of crazy to everyone else as I literally only spotted this place on the internet 2 days ago, but I just knew it was something special.

(The irony is, I only came out to stay in our house here with little man as we have rented out our house in UK and it was cheaper to fly here for a week than to find accommodation in our UK hometown!  Looks like it might end up costing us quite a bit instead!)

It's going to be a long process - even completing the purchase will take much longer than normal due to some special financing we're using - so I'm not sure there'll be too much to talk about over the next months, but I was keen to share with you that a new adventure is on the horizon.

Onwards and upwards dear friends - it's going to be bellissima!

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