Friday, 21 December 2012

Guess who just bought an Italian house?!

This morning we "did the deed" and it all seemed straight forward. I am fortunate to have a wonderful Italian friend who is also a top lawyer, so the process has not been stressful as I'm sure it must be for most foreigners who buy abroad and must put their faith in strangers.

The only tricky part today was their reading aloud of the 8 page Italian contract. The Italians insist on using all middle names unlike in UK, and I erupted into giggles at their pronunciation of my name! To be fair I have 5 names so it's a mouthful in English also!

This afternoon the plan is festeggiare (to celebrate) with our friends here who have helped make it all happen. I was thinking a nice meal, they have mentioned an ice rink - this could be painful!

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