Thursday, 20 December 2012

The night before...

So tomorrow is 21st December 2012 and as well as being the day the world is supposed to end, it is also the day I buy our new home in Italy.  Either way I'll have something to tell you about tomorrow!

I say buy our new home: more accurately, it's the uninhabitable shell that will be our new home.  This blog will share the process of trying to renovate a house in the South of Italy from the South of England, observations of our new Italian life and possibly a few bits and pieces from our old UK life too.

I'm new to the blogging world but getting to this point has raised a few smiles and eyebrows already - making an offer on the house required a 3 hour meeting, the estate agents wink when they say goodbye and the children just can't fathom why I would buy a casa brutta (ugly house) and do lots of work when I could buy something bella - I want to start writing them down.

A few friends say they're envious of us heading to a life in the sun but there are plenty ex-pat nightmare stories out there of how it all went wrong.  Are we totally crazy to leave our comfortable life in Kent or is life what you make it and whatever happens we will find a way to make it work out for the best?  We are about to find out!

Hope you'll share and enjoy the journey!