Friday, 16 August 2013

First flying visit back to UK

We've just been back in UK a couple of days for work projects and not had time to catch up with many people, but I've twice been told that what I'm doing is inspiring.  It's nice to hear that by simply pursuing what we want in life it is helping others have faith that they can go after what they want.

Being back, it's strange the small things you notice.  For example, I am a fast walker, always rushing and feeling short on time, but I realise I walk slower, even here, since being in hot and laid-back Puglia.  In UK, I live in a nice town in the wealthy south east and see beggars or homeless people at least once a week, whereas despite Puglia being one of the least wealthy regions of Italy, I have not seen any beggars or homeless people in Monopoli.  Also, coming back I appreciate how refreshing it is in Monopoli to walk down a street without chuggers or people selling "lucky heather"!

This Sunday we'll be up at silly o'clock to drive to Puglia!  Mr RR reckons we can split it into 2 days of 10 hours' driving a day and we've booked a Swiss hotel for the mid-point so I hope he's right!  It's a long time since we've done a road trip together and I'm really hoping the new sat nav plays its part in ensuring a stress-free journey so we'll still be talking by the time we reach sunny Italy!

So another countdown: less than 48 hours 'til we leave and we're indulging our taste buds with some delicious chinese food tonight and then tomorrow night it's haggis at home!  Today I'm pondering the need to pack hard-to-find-in-Italy essentials into the boot of our car.  How much Dairy Milk chocolate do you think Mr RR will let me take?!  Surely "reasonable" is all in the eye of the chocaholic!

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