Sunday, 27 October 2013

Guess what?

We're in sporran heaven!

Yes, you guessed right: no photos of our place because it's not finished yet!

We're taking a much-needed break from negotiating/ arguing/ pleading with the builders to finish the snagging list and having a week in Edinburgh for our wee niece's christening.

She is of course absolutely adorable and, alongside loving all the baby cuddles, we are loving the opportunity to eat something other than Italian!  Fish and chips, roast beef and trimmings, moules mariniere, char siu buns, cupcakes, profiteroles... oh yes!  Just 3 days down and we have been busy!

Attempting to walk off some of the calories!

P.S. Look what we spotted on the side of the road:

Embodying the despair and anger I've felt in Italy lately!

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