Sunday, 6 July 2014

Straying from my perfectionist tendencies!

I had a good giggle recently with the man who will be helping us with all the metalwork that remains - handrails, barriers on the mezzanine levels and roof terrace, balconies etc.

My Italian is improving but I am a long way from fluent and my vocabulary leaves much to be desired.  So when I was trying to explain how I wanted the metalwork to look using words such as not too modern, hard, straight or machine-made, but more organic, more like it was hand-made, more classical, more traditional, he wasn't convinced he understood.

Eventually, I tried, using all my childhood Pictionary experience, to illustrate the difference between the perfect, precise look I didn't want and the look I did, and he said ah: deformato!  I explained that deformed to me meant something really badly out of shape, and he said it meant the same to him!  Then we joked about how they would be like something not hand-made, but made by someone with their feet, someone blind and just out of the hospital using their ears to guide them!

He's back tomorrow to take measurements and they should hopefully be ready within a couple of weeks.  Just how deformed they are going to look I'm not sure but if it's reliant on my drawing skills it's a worry!

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